Sunday, February 13, 2011

Random thoughts on Mexico...

If teaching doesn't work out, I could
always wash windows.
Its hard to believe that we have been here for two weeks.  Sometimes it feels like two days.  Sometimes it feels like two years.  But no matter what it feels like, we have learned a great deal about Mexico and the city of Guadalajara.  So, allow us to share with you a little bit of what we have learned so far...

The oranges that grow on the trees along many of the streets here in the city are indeed edible...but really, really, really sour.

Mexican television is as bad as you think it is (probably worse)...and Mexican commercials are simply intolerable.

The keys to Mexican fashion for men (as far as we can tell) are shiny shoes, tight pants, a collared shirt (matching the pants - optional) with the top two buttons undone (not optional).

The 3 keys to Mexican fashion for women are earrings, belts and boots...the bigger they are, the better.

Do not ever start a game of punch buggy in Guadalajara.  Your arm may never recover.  The city is teeming with VW beatles from 1980-something.  The city of Guadalajara even uses them for municipal vehicles.

It is best not to ask what kind of meat they put in your taco.  No part of any animal goes to waste in Mexico.  I just found out the other day that my favorite taco - the 'surtido de carnitas' - is actually pig stomach.  Yum.

You can buy the whole pig!
As far as we can tell, making out with your significant other is perfectly acceptable anywhere - on a park bench, in the bus, on the sidewalk, while you are waiting to cross the street, etc.  It's a little awkward, but hey, this is Latin America!

Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! Can't wait to visit and see this lovely description for myself :) Julia, I fully expect GI-NORMOUS earrings and boots...though Chris could forgo the tight jeans I think haha :)

  2. hahaha :) clara.
    i'm so glad you guys have this blog!! i'm loving it :)
    Mexico doesn't sound too different from Pennsylvania, with all that strange meat. Scrapple, pig stomach tacos...same thing! haha But on the other hand, making out in public might not go over too well in Lancaster...;)